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About Us

Our Priority Is You

Muscle Man Mo Meals is a macronutrient meal prep service that tailors every meal to each clients specific nutrition needs. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or you want to start to incorporate clean eating into your life we have a plan for you. We can help you reach your goals with great tasting food and a one on one consultation that will insure your  success with our plan. At Muscle Man Mo Meals our priority is you.

Great Taste

Here at Muscle Man Mo Meals we pride ourselves on cooking with fresh organic vegetables and proteins. We feel that you should never have to compromise taste for nutrition and with our menu you will never have too. With our 12 lunch / dinner options and 5 breakfast options that are constantly evolving, you can always order your weekly prep with excitement. 

Let Us Cook For You

When life is moving at the speed of light it's hard to make the right nutritional choices even if you wanted too. With fast-food and coffee shops at every corner you will eventually give into the easy meal option but ultimately you will feel the unwanted effects of these choices as times go's on. With Muscle Man Mo Meals you no longer have to worry about where you are going to get your next meal or it's nutritional value. When you chose Muscle Man Mo Meals you are choosing convenience and nutrition that will never let you down. If your ready to get the most out of your day with a nutrition plan and meals we are happily standing by for your order. 


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